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Welcome to SCG NIAGARA!

Hi! I’m Kath.

Welcome to our site! I am the creator and founder of SCG NIAGARA, (formerly known as St. Catharines, the GREAT).
We are from the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. What started off as a hobby has now turned into a second full-time job.

SCG NIAGARA, is about promoting the people and places of St. Catharines and the Niagara Region… and more!

'More', as in providing other areas of interest for our Niagara readers and readers in general, because it’s also about entertaining, enlightening and educating ourselves and keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the world around us. (I also like to post the odd news article or videos from time to time).

Currently, I’m the only author and photographer of this site but hopefully that will change in the future. My mind never lets me rest. I'm always doing more than 10 things at once (a default in my genetic makeup I often like to say), otherwise I’m not a happy camper. I read a lot in a day and I love!, love!, love! sharing stuff with people – even my personal life stories, opinions, photos, and creations, from time to time.

We have numerous blogs covering various interests that I maintain and manage for SCG Niagara and as if that wasn't enough, I’ve went and taken up photography!

Since I love promoting the Niagara region, doing it through photography is the only way to go. I’m constantly learning the tricks of its trade. Albeit, with the cameras of today, it seems almost anyone can snap professional-looking pictures. Nevertheless, I'm learning it the 'hard' way - manually.

I also work full-time because as I often like to say, 'these sites won’t pay for themselves'. Unfortunately, that also means I can't devote my time fully to my readers. Thank goodness I have a few kind souls who help me along the way! I would love to give them recognition, but they prefer to remain anonymously 'behind the scenes'.

Nevertheless, we’ll try to promote St. Catharines and the Niagara Region when time allows, one business, people, place, and pet/animal at a time while providing other interests for our viewers, because everyone knows variety is the spice of life!

The Niagara Region has much to offer – so why not start with that great city, the city of St. Catharines, (aka St. Kitts, aka the Garden City) and go from there!

So what’s up with the ‘visitors’ globes’ we’ve been asked.
Well, since we know who visits our sites (as do most site owners), I thought why not show YOU who visits also! Of course, not every visitor is shown on the globe since some use IP blocking – but you get the picture!

Any other suggestions, comments or ideas are always greatly appreciated and can be posted in the comments section below or use the CONTACT FORM to your right.

Many thanks for joining us and once again, welcome!

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