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An ALL DAY Visit to Clifton Hill – NIAGARA FALLS (40+ Photos)

Next up on my continuing exploration of the Niagara Region is Clifton Hill – “The Fun At the Falls” street.  It’s the most exciting stretch of street and one of the most famous in the Niagara Region, (and possibly the world), which I rarely get a chance to visit but when I do, I always get all giddy and excited like a child heading to an amusement park for the first time. It’s always so busy and bustling with tourists and attractions ANY time of the year and once there, I always feel like I’ve just entered another dimension.

SPOTTED: A ‘WALMART’ Vehicle?...

You have your Walmart People.. We have our Walmart Vehicles…

Check out this cool truck we spotted while shopping at Walmart the other day.  On our way out, lo and behold, what did we see… this awesome truck we call – “The Vehicle from Hell”.  Well almost.