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Types of EATERS

Flexitarian? Never heard of it. And these are just the ones that are more popular. There are also Paleotarians, Pollotarians, Fruitarians, Lacto-vegetarian and so on and so on.

So what type of eater are you? I'm an omnivore who also love to eat a lot of veggies, nuts and fruits!!...


Anyone tried those Granola Cups yet by Nature Valley? I have and all I have to say is, I won't be buying them again. I keep noticing them lately on the shelves at Walmart and they 'looked' yummy and sounded healthy so I thought why not grab a box!

I'm probably the worse reviewer for this since I don't like anything too granola-y. But whatever...

I found them too crunchy (aka dry) and really lacking in chocolate! It would have been better if they added a thicker layer of chocolate at the bottom instead of looking like it was slightly dipped in chocolate (or worse yet - painted on!๐Ÿ˜), and made them a bit more chewier!

All is not lost though as I know my squirrels will appreciate them more!

A Few THANKSGIVING-related Facts

Maybe you know them all already - maybe not. Here are a few Thanksgiving-related facts in celebration of the holiday!

VIDEO: Tax scammers traced back to India (Marketplace)

I've gotten the phone call before. Have you?...

Scammers are stealing millions of dollars from Canada by claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency in telephone calls. We trace the calls back to illegal call-centres in India and meet a former employee and local police who say the RCMP isn’t doing enough to stop the perpetrators.

Anything Together - A Downtown Story | An Award Short Film Shot in Downtown ST. CATHARINES

This film which was shot in downtown St. Catharines, won an award. The film was developed and produced in partnership with downtown agency Form & Affect...

The City of St. Catharines Economic Development and Tourism Department is pleased to present a new short film that celebrates the revitalization of the city’s downtown core. Anything Together: A Downtown Story features over two dozen downtown venues as the story’s backdrop. The film was developed and produced in partnership with downtown agency Form & Affect.

Anything Together follows Jack, who has returned to downtown St. Catharines after seeking opportunity elsewhere, and his friend Kate, who has made a life for herself in the city’s core. When Kate discovers something is missing, she enlists Jack to retrace her steps in hopes of finding it. As Jack and Kate make their way through vibrant downtown venues, it becomes clear that they are both rediscovering the magic and opportunity that this newly revitalized downtown offers.

“Our downtown neighbourhood has enjoyed an incredible resurgence these past few years. We wanted to showcase that in a way that felt natural, and made it easy for people to envision their own story unfolding here,” said Brent Porter, Partner and Creative Director at Form & Affect.

“The storyline of this film is that of our downtown’s transformation. It’s the story of new life and new opportunity,” said Brian York, Director of Economic Development and Government Relations with the City of St. Catharines. “You can see it in all the great businesses that are featured and the youthful interest that it’s generating.”

Visit investinstc.ca to learn more about the exciting opportunities in downtown St. Catharines.


So I Visited 4 WINERIES... No. Make that 5. Or was it 6? | Niagara-on-the-Lake... (50+ Photos)

Feel free to have a few glasses of wine before reading...

It's that time of year. You know, where we celebrate the harvest of grapes with our Grape and Wine Festivals and parades. It's also that time of year, more than ever, to sip and savour local wines at wineries across the Niagara Region. It was a gorgeous day so I thought I'd do the wine-tasting tour thing. I originally thought I visited 4 wineries but after looking through my pics, it appeared I visited 6 in one day - Konzelmann Estate Winery, Nomad at Hinterbrook Winery, Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery, Trius Winery, Stratus Vineyards Winery and Reif Estate Winery, all located in Niagara-on-the-lake.

It seemed the picture-taking got less and less too the more I visited each one.
As the day went on, I also found myself wanting more food than wine but anyhoo, let's get on with it.

KONZELMANN Estate Winery (17 Photos)

I drove by this place a million times and have never stopped in. It was time to check it out. It was fairly busy here when we arrived around 1:30pm.

I have to admit I'm not an oenophile (a connoisseur of wines). Hell, I'm not even a drinker but so? That doesn't mean I can't taste some fine homegrown wine.

Lucky for me, I had a few wine connoisseurs with me.

VIDEO: Saskatoon Police Lip Sync Video

In case you missed it, here's the Saskatoon Police doing their lip-sync version to Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way"...

Remember those lip sync challenges going around amongst Police Services over the last month or so? We do, and at the time we heard from many in our community that we should be getting involved – so we did!

And in line with the philosophy that all great things take time, we’re excited to present our lip sync video of Backstreet Boys' I want it that Way, including a scene re-enactment from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

VIDEO: Whatever It Takes (Hamilton Police Service)

Way to go Hamilton Police Service. Didn't know you guys were so talented, lol...

The Ottawa St. BIA threw down the gauntlet when they asked us to participate in the lip sync challenge. We accepted! Here's the result. We don't think anyone is going to recruit us to perform anytime soon, but we had a ton of fun making the video. We'll do "Whatever it Takes" for our community.

Sharing a PRODUCT/PRODUCE: KETTLE BRAND Potato Chips (Sea Salt & Vinegar)

So last weekend I sat down to watch a movie on a quiet Sunday evening after filling everyone's belly with supper. Went to the pantry to get a bag of chips to munch on but there was so many that it took me a while to decide. Then I spotted a brand I've never tried before, 'Kettle Brand', their Sea Salt & Vinegar flavour, to be exact.

Now usually I'm a Lay's chips kind of gal but I'm a rebel so I'll try anything once. Anyways, I sat down with the bag of chips in hand, started up the movie and proceeded to open the bag.

Well, let me tell ya, it wasn't that easy! I pulled and pulled and pulled with all my strength and couldn't pull the bag open (like you can with most bags of chips). Grrrrr. I then tried to use my teeth to rip it open - that didn't work! I'm thinking to myself, wtf? How do you open this thing?

Eventually, I handed it over to the hubby (cause he's always the last resort), and even HE couldn't open it! By then we missed 15 mins of the movie trying to open this darn thing. In the end, I had to get the scissors out. How ridiculous!

So I finally grabbed a handful and started munching away and not too long after I turned to my significant other with this look of total disgust on my face. All I could taste was vinegar! I'm not usually a salt & vinegar person when it comes to chip flavours but this was waaaaaaaay too vinegaretty! I didn't want it. I passed it on to him. He didn't want it. In the garbage it went!

Not only was the bag hard to open but the chips were overpowered by the vinegar taste. Isn't it suppose to be subtle? Like a hint of vinegar?

I'm sorry but I couldn't eat those chips and I would not buy them again.

Have you tried these chips before? What are YOUR thoughts on them?

You Know You Are From ST. CATHARINES When...

You probably had a 'You Know You Are From St. Catharines When' moment like we did...

(Wait for video to load)

You Know You Are From

You know you are from...

Posted by St. Catharines, the GREAT - SCG Niagara on Monday, May 14, 2018


To all you mothers who rock - you know who you are, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from SCG NIAGARA!

See the QUOTES-version HERE!

VIDEO: How a tired Air Canada pilot narrowly avoided a massive plane crash

Remember this incident from last summer? We can't be having any pilot fatigue when innocent lives are at stake. This could have been a major disaster. Major!...

Federal investigators are looking at what led to a nearly catastrophic event in San Francisco last summer, after an Air Canada pilot suddenly aborted a landing. The focus is on pilot fatigue, and Canada's transport minister says new rules are coming to ensure pilots get enough rest to stay alert.

"Right now Canada has amongst the worst working and crew
rest times in the entire world." - Barry Wiszniowski, Canadian Society of Air Safety Investigators


It's not really warm but we'll take it because after all that rain and crazy weather we've been having

VIDEO: Here's what's in your bottled water (Marketplace)

We've been waiting for a video like this, ever since reading about microplastics in our bottled water.
Companies are making money off of us for something they're selling that's contaminated and like the rest of Canada, we're not happy about it. Perhaps it's time to ditch the bottled water in favour of something easily abundant around us - and free. Tap water anyone?...

Ever wonder what's lurking in your bottled water? Marketplace asked a lab to test five of the top-selling brands of bottled water in Canada, and microplastics were found in all of them.

VIDEO: YouTube shooter's videos reveal anger at company

Nasim Aghdam, the 38-year-old Iranian-born female who recently wounded three people at YouTube's California headquarters before fatally shooting herself was a woman with a grudge who blamed the video-sharing company for the loss of money and views.

Before social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pulled her content, a look at Nasim Aghdam's videos reveal someone who was upset with the video giant over the views on her channel.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fascinating RAT Facts

With all the rat talks lately and their ongoing problems in the area, we were curious to learn more about them. Yes, we run and scream when we see a rat scampering by but there's more to these critters than meets the eye. Most of us view them as disgusting, filthy creatures that are associated with disease - while others say they make great, affectionate pets!
The truth is, rats are not only very smart and are known for their problem-solving skills but they aren't as filthy as we think either. Read on to learn more fascinating facts about rats...

"True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.

  • Rats wash themselves several times a day - about as often as most cats, if not more!

Celebrate National PLANT A FLOWER Day with these Gardening Tips

Spring's around the corner and it's National Plant a Flower Day so let's celebrate with these gardening tips...

VIDEO: A Squirrel... but what Happened to its Tail??

We've heard of squirrels without tails, we've just never seen one up close... and looking like this...

What happened to its tail, we wondered. He recently 'lost' it.
Poor thing, but it seems it didn't hinder him whatsoever! Just a hint of hair left. It was like it was pulled clean off the bone/cartilage...

VIDEO: Enjoy it all in St. Catharines

Check out the eye-catching 60-seconds St. Catharines tourism video by Mitchell Reilly Pictures...

VIDEO(S): Vinyl Works Canada fire

Coming together as one to battle an inferno in Port Colborne...

There was the Niagara Falls Fire Department, the Welland Fire and Emergency Services, the Fort Erie Fire Department, Thorold Fire and Emergency Services, Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services, and the Pelham Fire Department all sending their equipment and manpower to fight the blaze.

“This is definitely the biggest fire with regard to the most involvement by multiple departments across the region that I have been involved with, and I’ve been in the fire service for 38 years.” - Port Colborne Deputy Chief Mike Bendia
From the Welland Tribune:
A company that made patio furniture, above-ground pool and spa accessories was destroyed Tuesday after a massive fire spread throughout its Port Colborne facility along the Welland Canal.
More than 50 firefighters with tankers and pumpers from across the Niagara region responded to the blaze after Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services called on mutual aid to battle the inferno at Vinyl Works Canada at 2174 Barber Dr.

Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Mike Bendia

Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Mike Bendia at Vinyl Works Canada fire

BEER, CIDER and WINE Grocery Store Locations (Niagara Region)

Eighty-seven new independent and large grocery stores in communities across Ontario will be authorized to sell beer and cider in April 2018. This is in addition to over 200 grocery stores across the province already authorized to sell beer and cider --­ 70 of which can also sell wine.

We made a list for the Niagara Region. Finally, they've added St. Catharines to the list even though it appears it will only be selling beer and cider, for now...

Resource(s): The Government of Ontario News

VIDEO: Smelling Your Partner's Farts Will Help You Live Longer

On The Lighter Side...

Lol. Yes, but why would you want to live longer knowing that you'd have to keep smelling it. We'll pass... on the study that is, not gas...

Smelling your partner's farts will make you live longer ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

VIDEO: Nothing to see here, just a RAT HAVING A SHOWER!!!!!

UPDATE: Apparently this rat is not a rat but a Pacarana, a rare and slow-moving rodent indigenous to South America. However, in the wild, (without the soap of course), they do look like they're bathing as can be seen in the second video below.


Nothing to see here, just a RAT HAVING A SHOWER... like a human!
The rat was captured lathering it up in a bathroom sink in Peru standing up on its hind legs and washing his armpits, neck, lips, butt...

SHAREABLE Tip #20 - DIY Air Freshner

We all know air fresheners contain nasty stuff even though the smell great so why not consider making your own? You can mix different types of essential oils together or one kind. The choice is yours!


Many air freshners contain toxic compounds. To avoid them, make your own DIY air freshner by mixing:

- 3/4 cup water
- 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol*
- 5-8 drops of your favourite essential oil (like orange, lavender, mint, etc.) in an 8-ounce (237ml) spray bottle.
- Shake well then spray as needed.

* Vodka can be substituted for the rubbing alchohol!

SHAREABLE TIPS are pinnable images I create of random tips I come across daily. 
So go ahead. Share it!

Making life easier, one shareable tip at a time.

VIDEO: Cold in Canada - parody (I Froze My Brain up in Canada)

Cold in Canada. A tribute to all the freezing cold Canadians.

... to the tune of Toto - Africa.