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It's that time again folks! So let the nightmares begin!

Traveller Photo by coastermeister courtesy of tripadvisor
The Nightmares Fear Factory is a haunted house attraction in Niagara Falls, Ontario, (across from Casino Niagara) and is the oldest haunted house in North America in continuous operation.

I’m still gathering up the courage to enter this ‘two-time Niagara Falls Attraction of the Year‘ haunted house which is said to be THE scariest haunted house attraction in Niagara Falls.

It’s roughly a 15 minute walk-through attraction that preys on each visitor’s fears and phobias. 15 minutes! That’s a long time folks to be in a constant nail-biting state of paranoia!

Nightmares Fear Factory
5631 Victoria Ave
Niagara Falls, ON
Go here to get directions.

As the story goes…
The haunted house is built on the site of the once industrious Cataract Coffin Factory where eccentric proprietor Abraham Mortimer dedicated every waking hour to surveying the progress of his domain.

At night, the old man was tormented and taunted by young hooligans. Abraham would chase the riff-raff from their pranks and dares. They always laughed at his threats… until one fateful night Abraham confronted a rowdy group of thrill-seekers. In the ensuing struggle, a stack of solid oak coffins overturned, and Abraham was crushed to death!

The guilty ran off and were never apprehended for their part in the gruesome murder.

Soon after the funeral, Abraham Mortimer’s coffin was found unearthed and empty!

To this day it is said, he walks the halls for revenge on those who dare trespass on his beloved, and now abandoned factory.