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You Know You Are From ST. CATHARINES When...

You probably had a 'You Know You Are From St. Catharines When' moment like we did...

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You Know You Are From

You know you are from...

Posted by St. Catharines, the GREAT - SCG Niagara on Monday, May 14, 2018


To all you mothers who rock - you know who you are, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from SCG NIAGARA!

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VIDEO: How a tired Air Canada pilot narrowly avoided a massive plane crash

Remember this incident from last summer? We can't be having any pilot fatigue when innocent lives are at stake. This could have been a major disaster. Major!...

Federal investigators are looking at what led to a nearly catastrophic event in San Francisco last summer, after an Air Canada pilot suddenly aborted a landing. The focus is on pilot fatigue, and Canada's transport minister says new rules are coming to ensure pilots get enough rest to stay alert.

"Right now Canada has amongst the worst working and crew
rest times in the entire world." - Barry Wiszniowski, Canadian Society of Air Safety Investigators