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Jaycee Park - Port Dalhousie, ST. CATHARINES (50+ Photos)

Jaycee park is one of St.Catharine’s largest parks located in Port Dalhousie, with about 8 hectares of landscapes consisting of many different flowers, trees and lush green grass.

It’s one of many parks in the St. Catharines region within the Niagara Area, which allows you to escape the city even though you’re still IN the city.

Jaycee Park is a great place to go for a stroll and walk your dog(s)....

There is even a playground for the kids...

When we visited the park in late May, it was a warm day with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees celsius.

The Port Dalhousie bridge.

The Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course could be seen in the distant across the lake. It is the rowing facility which was constructed in 1903 as a permanent venue for the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, located on the Martindale Pond.

We were happy to see some rowers out practicing that day, probably for Royal Henley Regatta – August 2-9, 2015.

The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta is one of the largest amateur rowing tournaments in North America. In 2014, over 2,800 men and women from over 150 rowing clubs competed for Henley Gold.

The grandstand of the rowing course.

Meanwhile, others were just busy exploring the area. See any fishes?

Remnants of the old Welland Canal 3, (which was started in 1874, completed in 1887 and eventually closed in 1932), can be seen...

The image below from Wikipedia shows what the Welland 3 canal used to look like back then.

Abandoned locks of 3rd Welland Canal – looking south from Glendale Ave. “Old welland canal lock 2”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

There were many Canada geese and their goslings of every size seen everywhere. That’s a lot of babies. One.. two.. three.. eight in all!

This older baby was checking me checking him out!

A building could be seen across the road once we near the end of the park. A reminder once again, that we are in the city.

Yikes! More Geese and family…

They were everywhere and obviously were not afraid of humans. People came by to feed them all the time. These ones thought we had food. Sorry.

Then we finally came upon “The Heavy Eight” monument, a monument dedicated to all the volunteers and donors who restored the Henley course and the ecology of Martindale Pond when its standing as a FISA Class ‘A’ rowing course was almost threatened due to the natural sediment deposits left by Twelve Mile Creek which flowed through the course creating very shallow areas. One of the specifications of becoming a Class ‘A’ venue is the course having a minimum water depth of 3.5 metres (11 ft).

A memorial bench…

More monuments… and geese...

It was getting late and it was time for us to head back. It was a beautiful way to end the day!

Thanks for viewing!

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