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10 Signs you're a PERFECTIONIST...

10 Signs you're a PERFECTIONIST... yeah, YOU!
I thought I was a perfectionist until I read #'s 5 and 6. My surroundings are always chaotic-looking and as for #6, there was no way in hell that was me. Most days I looked like I just rolled right out of bed and wherever I had to be...

VIDEO: Why Canadian cell phones are the most expensive on the planet

You can blame it on the 'big 3'...

Canada's monthly bills can be two to three times those in Europe and Asia. 

RANDOM Tidbits #2 - How To Console Those Who Have Lost Someone

We've all been there - or will be sooner or later. That's just a fact of life...


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Back to School... BY THE NUMBERS (Infographics)

Number of students enrolled in public elementary-secondary schools


View more stats here.