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Great time-lapse videos showing off our beautiful downtown St. Catharines complimenting the downtown series running in The St. Catharines Standard...

Snapshot from the hyper-lapse video about downtown St. Catharines

There were many short videos created for the series, now they are all combined into one for this FINAL version...

Hyperlapse of downtown St. Catharines
A hyper-lapse video around downtown St. Catharines with hyperlinks showing mini-videos of then and now photos.
Just click on a link when it pops up to reveal another (short) video showing a before and after photo of that place!

18 Fall Photos Taken Along the Niagara River Recreational Trail (Near Niagara Parks Floral Clock Area), NIAGARA FALLS

It was an unseasonably warm Autumn day when we revisited the Niagara Parks Floral Clock (near the Sir Adam Beck One Power Plant), to take some updated photos of the latest Floral Clock design. We couldn't help but notice the amazing Fall colours around us and decided to take a stroll...

PERSONALITY INSIGHTS: What Does YOUR Favourite Halloween Candy Say About You?

We all have our favourite candies - especially during Halloween time. What's yours? I have two - KitKat... and M&M's. One's not too sweet but still yummy and the other has a light, crispy candy shell coating that you bite into to reveal a delicious milk chocolate filling.

Now that you know what my favourites are, what are yours? Maybe you only have one. Use the interactive banner below that I've created to reveal what your favourite Halloween candy say about you!

Source: woman's world magazine

VIDEO: Landscape of Nations Unveiling

After more than two hundred years the significant sacrifices and contributions made by First Nations during the War of 1812 will be permanently recognized. Landscape of Nations: The Six Nations and Native Allies Commemorative Memorial, a public artwork of deep meaning, exquisite beauty, and power was unveiled on the historic battlefield in Queenston Heights Park on Sunday, October 2, 2016.