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The 100-cup 'Roll Up The Rim' Challenge

YouTubers are purchasing Tim Hortons coffee cups in a 100-cup 'Roll Up The Rim' Challenge called the '100 Cups of Coffee', to really test the odds of winning (and probably hoping to win something big) - and it ain't cheap.  Some are said to be paying anywhere from $160 to $200 on empty coffee cups, depending on the cup size they order.

The inspiration came from another more popular YouTuber, “Furious Pete,” (Pete Czerwinski), who has been credited with coming up with the 100-cup idea. He posted a video of the challenge on Feb. 11.
“I’ve been thinking about doing it for years now,” Czerwinski told CTVNews.ca in a telephone interview on Wednesday from his home in Mississauga, Ont. “In my university days I remember getting Timmies like every single day while I was studying and I would never win. So I was just like ‘I need to win’.”

However, another YouTuber with the handle “ItsYeBoi” posted what appeared to be the first 100-cups video on Feb. 8:

THEFT OF VENOMOUS SNAKES IN THOROLD | Niagara Regional Police Service

We're not sure if these are the snakes in question but we've created this collage of photos taken from the Niagara Police's website...

From the NRP's website:

At about 7:00 PM on Saturday February the 18th 2017, a residence in the area of Hansler Road and Highway 20 in Thorold was broken into and a number of venomous snakes were stolen.
Police believe the residence was specifically targeted, and that the suspect(s) had information that snakes were kept and bred at the premise for reptile e-commerce.
Stolen snakes include several juvenile cobra species, rattlesnakes, adders and vipers, and a pregnant albino boa. The stolen snakes range in size from 12 to 106 centimeters. The Boa Constrictor, a non-venomous snake, is 200 centimeters in length and weighs about 7 kilograms.
Cobras belong to a sub-group of snakes known as elapids. An elapid's (cobra) venom contains postsynaptic neurotoxins that spread rapidly in its victim's bloodstream, causing respiratory failure and, eventually, death. Information available on-line at www.cobras.org advises that baby cobras have full strength venom and can defend themselves exactly like their parents.
It does not appear that there are any special provincial or municipal licensing provisions required for those persons that are involved in reptile e-commerce. Although the City of Thorold has a By-Law (No. 100-2011) respecting the care and control of animals in the city of Thorold, Schedule "B" of the By-Law as identified on the city's web site does not identify any "Prohibited Animals."
Police are asking that any member of the public who has information about the location of these reptiles to appreciate the risk of serious injury these creatures pose, even to persons trained to safely handle them.

Anyone having information about this matter is requested to call the 3 District Detective Office at (905) 688-4111 extension 3320. 
Source: niagarapolice

VIDEO: You know you've got a lot of snow when a snowman's as big as your house

... and you still got lots to build another one!

"Giant snowman takes over family's yard in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Video captured by our own Nathan Coleman after nor'easters battered the east coast for a full week."

American Sign Language - GIPHY-style

How cool is this? Sure you can learn sign language via videos but this ingenious way will allow you to learn it even faster, living in a giphy world and all...

GIF site Giphy has launched a new "channel" containing more than 2,000 educational sign language clips with hand movements and text captions - courtesy of Sign With Robert, an instructional series for American Sign Language.

The hope is that people will pick up a word or two by sharing them at convenient moments online.

"The GIF format has the ability to loop infinitely, so it's perfect for learning new signs," Hilari Scarl, director and producer for Sign With Robert said. "It doesn't require the back and forth of hitting play, rewind or repeat."

You already know what we think about that:

So head on over to the gallery and try to memorize a few words and use them when you can - online or off!

Source(s):  engadget

VIDEO: WATCH: Donald and Melania Trump Welcome Benjamin Netanyahu and Wife to White House

President Trump & Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold joint news conference from the East Room of the White House.

What NUTELLA is actually made of...

So you really love your Nutella eh? Maybe not after seeing this infographic. Look at all that sugar!

A viral image uploaded to Reddit (and originally created by the consumer center in Hamburg, Germany) shows exactly what is in a jar of Nutella.
While Nutella only contains five ingredients (palm oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, and sugar), a whopping half of the stuff is sugar. 
According to its nutritional label, a jar of Nutella has 21 grams of sugar per 37 grams of spread (two tablespoons), meaning that in reality more than half is sugar. Much of the rest is palm oil  — solid fat some claim causes cancer.
Source: businessinsider


Busted! Wow. What a mess. And he thinks he'll get away with this how??...

Air Canada unveils new look by Canadian designer (2 Videos)

"A promise of better wines and food." 
It's about time...

Canada's flagship carrier Air Canada is undergoing a sweeping head-to-toe makeover that includes a new livery for its entire fleet, new uniforms and onboard menu offerings.

TWITTER: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday...

... because Laughter is the ONLY Medicine...


This cyclist probably had a death wish 'cause this is just craziness. We had to slow it down a bit the second time around when we watched it again. Can you imagine the things this tow trucker driver must see? 
I've added 2 more videos from Wayne Edward's YouTube channel capturing more mayhem on Ontario's roads...

From The Hamilton Spectator:

It’s a little after noon on Monday and Wayne Edward is driving westbound on Hwy. 401, approaching Hwy. 427. 
Suddenly, a cyclist heading against traffic swings off the right shoulder and cuts diagonally across four lanes of highway, performing a U-turn before hopping off his bike by the opposite guard rail. 
Edward captured the whole unsettling scene on video with the dashboard camera in his flatbed tow truck. 
“I saw the black car (beside me) was braking... so I did a quick mirror check to see if I could change lanes to give the black car room to move over,” said Edward.
“When I looked back that’s when I saw the guy darting across the highway.”


DANCE move that is - which was all captured on camera and has now gone viral!
What was called in as a possible gang fight in downtown Oshawa turned out to be a peaceful music video shoot involving some break dancing...

Relationship Pet-Peeves - 'Cause it's all peachy in the beginning until...

How annoying is anything that is offensively repetitious? Very. How annoying is it when you have to LIVE with it? Don't even go there.

It doesn't matter what anyone says, if you live with someone long enough, you'll find certain things they do that just drives you nuts. Maybe you'll recognize a few of them in the illustration below because, grrrr, enough already! ...

VIDEO: Downtown St. Catharines Sunset Timelapse 4K

Video snapshot

We always love discovering any videos Niagara-related so stumbling upon this magnificent time-lapse video by St. Catharines-based audio/video producer Adam Marshall, capturing downtown St. Catharines' sunset, was a wonderful surprise.

This particular spot was captured near the junction of The Merritt Trail and The Twelve Trail, according to one viewer. 


Very sad to have learnt of Dickinson's death. He died doing what he loved. RIP. ...

From Ottawa Sun:
Friends and colleagues of a Canadian adventurer who died in China are flooding social media with glowing tributes, loving remembrances and some small measure of resignation at the inevitability of his demise. 
The body of 28-year-old Graham Dickinson was found last Thursday on a cliff in the Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in the central province of Hunan. 
The day before, he posted a picture of the mountain on his Facebook page, accompanied by a smiling emoji and the description “feeling like he is dreaming.” 
Dickinson was regarded as one of the best in the world at a sport called wingsuiting, in which athletes jump from high places and glide to the ground with the aid of aerodynamic body suits that make their wearers look a little like flying squirrels.

There have been numerous fatalities of wingsuit flying - almost since the inception of the sport but there were 2 that stood out in our minds because they occurred in Canada:
  • On May 9, 2007 - American adventurer and TV personality Jimmy Hall, age 41, was on an expedition to Baffin Island in northern Canada. After several days of successful jumps, Hall attempted a wingsuit flight through a canyon. He failed to clear a ledge, and impacted the cliff.
  • And back on June 26 of last year (2016), Gary Kremer, 30-year-old American basejumper and former U.S. Marine, died while wingsuit flying with friends in Canada.