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Sharing a PRODUCT/PRODUCE: KETTLE BRAND Potato Chips (Sea Salt & Vinegar)

So last weekend I sat down to watch a movie on a quiet Sunday evening after filling everyone's belly with supper. Went to the pantry to get a bag of chips to munch on but there was so many that it took me a while to decide. Then I spotted a brand I've never tried before, 'Kettle Brand', their Sea Salt & Vinegar flavour, to be exact.

Now usually I'm a Lay's chips kind of gal but I'm a rebel so I'll try anything once. Anyways, I sat down with the bag of chips in hand, started up the movie and proceeded to open the bag.

Well, let me tell ya, it wasn't that easy! I pulled and pulled and pulled with all my strength and couldn't pull the bag open (like you can with most bags of chips). Grrrrr. I then tried to use my teeth to rip it open - that didn't work! I'm thinking to myself, wtf? How do you open this thing?

Eventually, I handed it over to the hubby (cause he's always the last resort), and even HE couldn't open it! By then we missed 15 mins of the movie trying to open this darn thing. In the end, I had to get the scissors out. How ridiculous!

So I finally grabbed a handful and started munching away and not too long after I turned to my significant other with this look of total disgust on my face. All I could taste was vinegar! I'm not usually a salt & vinegar person when it comes to chip flavours but this was waaaaaaaay too vinegaretty! I didn't want it. I passed it on to him. He didn't want it. In the garbage it went!

Not only was the bag hard to open but the chips were overpowered by the vinegar taste. Isn't it suppose to be subtle? Like a hint of vinegar?

I'm sorry but I couldn't eat those chips and I would not buy them again.

Have you tried these chips before? What are YOUR thoughts on them?