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VIDEO: A Squirrel... but what Happened to its Tail??

We've heard of squirrels without tails, we've just never seen one up close... and looking like this...

What happened to its tail, we wondered. He recently 'lost' it.
Poor thing, but it seems it didn't hinder him whatsoever! Just a hint of hair left. It was like it was pulled clean off the bone/cartilage...

VIDEO: Enjoy it all in St. Catharines

Check out the eye-catching 60-seconds St. Catharines tourism video by Mitchell Reilly Pictures...

VIDEO(S): Vinyl Works Canada fire

Coming together as one to battle an inferno in Port Colborne...

There was the Niagara Falls Fire Department, the Welland Fire and Emergency Services, the Fort Erie Fire Department, Thorold Fire and Emergency Services, Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services, and the Pelham Fire Department all sending their equipment and manpower to fight the blaze.

“This is definitely the biggest fire with regard to the most involvement by multiple departments across the region that I have been involved with, and I’ve been in the fire service for 38 years.” - Port Colborne Deputy Chief Mike Bendia
From the Welland Tribune:
A company that made patio furniture, above-ground pool and spa accessories was destroyed Tuesday after a massive fire spread throughout its Port Colborne facility along the Welland Canal.
More than 50 firefighters with tankers and pumpers from across the Niagara region responded to the blaze after Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services called on mutual aid to battle the inferno at Vinyl Works Canada at 2174 Barber Dr.

Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Mike Bendia

Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Mike Bendia at Vinyl Works Canada fire

BEER, CIDER and WINE Grocery Store Locations (Niagara Region)

Eighty-seven new independent and large grocery stores in communities across Ontario will be authorized to sell beer and cider in April 2018. This is in addition to over 200 grocery stores across the province already authorized to sell beer and cider --­ 70 of which can also sell wine.

We made a list for the Niagara Region. Finally, they've added St. Catharines to the list even though it appears it will only be selling beer and cider, for now...

Resource(s): The Government of Ontario News

VIDEO: Smelling Your Partner's Farts Will Help You Live Longer

On The Lighter Side...

Lol. Yes, but why would you want to live longer knowing that you'd have to keep smelling it. We'll pass... on the study that is, not gas...

Smelling your partner's farts will make you live longer 😂😂
Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, January 31, 2018