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SHAREABLE Tip #15 - 2 Great Uses For ICE CUBES

And you thought ice cubes were just for your drinks. There are actually many uses for ice cubes. Here are two food-related ones I often see popping up online and in magazines.

2 Great Uses For ICE CUBES

1. Reheat leftovers without the leftover taste!
Leftover foods like rice or mashed potatoes always taste dry when reheated in the microwave. Next time, place an ice cube on the top or in the center, cover with a plastic wrap and reheat as usual. The food will taste fresh like the first day it was made! The moisture from the melting ice will be just enough to make it tender – not soggy.
2Get rid of excess fat in soups and stews!
Plop an ice cube or two after removing soup, stew or casserole from heat. Wait a few minutes. The grease and fat will stick to the cubes – making it easier for you to scoop out with a spoon or ladle!

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