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USEFUL LINK: Ontario's New Emergency Room Departments LIVE "Wait Times" Website

Under the provincial government’s new Wait Time Strategy, the Niagara Health System (NHS) is constantly trying to improve and has made significant progress in patient wait times for key procedures and to make things even easier for patients, wait times for both minor and complex patients in Emergency Room Departments are now posted publicly for hospitals across Ontario, including the Niagara Health System. (See ‘useful link’ further down below for the Niagara region.)

Through the Ontario Wait Times website, Ontarians can now find wait times for all surgical areas performed and diagnostic CT and MRI procedures at hospitals across the province.

Snapshot of website

OFF-LEASH Dog Parks of Niagara

There are many parks to walk your dog in the Niagara area yet there are hardly any actual Dog Parks – places where our four-legged friends can run free and play off-leash in a controlled environment, (under the supervision of their owners, of course). In fact, currently there are only two leash-free dog areas in St. Catharines: Burgoyne Woods and Carol Disher Leash Free Dog Park at Catherine Street Park (see more photos below), and one in Niagara Falls.

We can thank former city councillor Carol Disher, for this.

Disher passed away in August 2015 but she realized the need for off-leash parks in the region and fought passionately for them.

“Of all the areas that she participated in and volunteered, one of the greatest accomplishments was initiating leash-free dog parks in the city,” Port Dalhousie Coun. Carlos Garcia said.

As a result, a leash-free park at Burgoyne Woods was opened in December 2006 and more recently, in honour of Carol, The Carol Disher Leash Free Dog Park located at Catherine Street Park...

Sharing a PRODUCT/PRODUCE: Cheetos 'Bag of Bones' White Cheddar

They’re baaaaack! Apparently, Cheetos Bag of Bones White Cheddar was out last year and I didn’t even know it. I found a short YouTube video ad for them from 2014!

I also discovered you can purchase a bag on Amazon for $19.21. I kid you not! There was only 6 left in stock too! I was like, WTF? Are these people for real. They are good but not THAT good! I had to take a snapshot to share: