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NIAGARA SQUARE TO CLOSE PERMANENTLY | NiagaraThisWeek (+ Remembering Niagara Square)

Montrose Road, 7555 - Niagara Square Shopping Centre - Niagara Square sign | May 2005 | Photo by Rashid, Alina Rida

Sad times but we guess it was inevitable. The mall was always near empty every time we visited and we've often wondered how long it would last like this - or what would become of it...

From NiagaraThisWeek.com

NIAGARA FALLS — The already largely empty halls of Niagara Square will be emptied for good this spring as the mall is set to permanently close.
Tenants inside Niagara Square were sent notices this week saying their leases will be terminated as of April 30. 
The notices were sent by RioCan Management Inc. on behalf of the mall owners and affect stores in the mall that do not have a separate entrance from outside. 
One of the tenants affected is the Niagara Falls Humane Society’s Cat Adoption Centre.
“It’s been a very sad day telling our staff, volunteers and supporters that the Adoption Centre is closing on April 30,” Fugler said. “We’ve been there for over seven years, and well over 2,000 cats and other small animals have found their happily ever-after from the centre. It’s been a haven for cats, for volunteers, and for people, too. It’s been amazing. Our city has been so supportive of this project throughout the years.  
The notice states the mall will close permanently on May 1, 2017, and that a plan is in place to transform the enclosed space into "refurbished retail space" with more parking. 
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Remembering Niagara Square...

Winter Series | Falling-Snow-Effect on a Few Photos I Took... (11 Photos)

I discovered some old photos I took back in 2013-14 in St. Catharines that Google animated with the falling snow effect. I think we all have some of those. Some turned out good, others I didn't care for but all I am sharing with you in this Winter series - gify style...

"LAMBADA" Singer LOALWA BRAZ Discovered Dead in Burnt Out Car

What an awful way to go...
Loalwa Braz, born June 3rd, 1953 in Brazil, was better known as providing the lead vocals for the French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma in their worldwide hit "Lambada". She was fluent in four languages, having recorded songs in her native Portuguese, as well as in Spanish, French and English.

According to BBC News, Braz was discovered dead in a burnt-out car in Brazil.
Local police confirmed it was Braz, but the circumstances of her death are unknown.

Loalwa Braz, with Kaoma, performing Lambada on BBC show Top of the Pops in 1989 | Source: BBC News

RIP Loalwa...

Source: bbcnews


It's always so sad when firefighters die in the line of duty - no matter where in the world they do. And to lose so many at once...

Photo source: Iran News


Have you heard about this yet? Have you seen the video? Over 26M viewers on Facebook have! You go you construction worker guy you...

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday morning in Toronto and Tony Restivo is exhausted as he unloads construction equipment from the elevator at work. He hasn’t had a proper night’s sleep in almost a week. Not since his wife, Sandy Restivo, sneakily uploaded a video to Facebook on Jan. 9, of him dancing to pop star Ariana Grande’s hit song “Into You” at a construction site. Restivo’s co-worker had secretly recorded him about 20 seconds before he noticed. Then, he really put on a show. 
The 43-year-old construction worker can be seen shaking his hips, thrusting his pelvis and throwing in a couple of his signature high kicks to the delight of his fellow workers. Much to the surprise of Restivo and his wife, the Facebook post was an instant hit.
Within days, the video had attracted millions of views and was featured in reports in Canadian and U.S. media, including Buzzfeed and USA Today. Ariana Grande even shared a clip of Restivo’s moves with her 94 million Instagram followers on Saturday, with the caption: “hell yeah dude #thatkick #mood.” - ctvnews

Read more: ctvnews


He's rapping what we're all thinking...

A hip-hop artist from Windsor has a question for Kathleen Wynne:
“How do you sleep at night?”

J Reno, wearing a hoodie sweater and pointing his fingers constantly, calls out the Ontario premier in a three-minute music video posted Monday to his official Facebook page.

J Reno - Hydro Bills ( Official Visuals )
Ontario Hip Hop artist airing out Kathleen Wynne & the Hydro scam. Must listen!
Posted by J Reno on Monday, January 16, 2017

Source: torontosun

2 Incidences of RUDENESS on TORONTO TRANSIT Captured on Camera...

And they say Canadians are polite. We have our bad days too you know.
Only in Toronto? We think not but we weren't expecting to see these bad manners captured on camera - like this TTC streetcar driver caught on camera being obnoxious to a passenger - after she swore at him. 

And what the hell is a 'dust fart'? Check out the second video below...

2017-01-12: Queen Street streetcar driver and a rider get into it after rider allegedly paid her fare partially with Icelandic money. Was riding the No. 501 streetcar west. Incident occurred just before Spadina.

Woman Verbally Abuses Elderly Woman on YRT

Woman abuses elderly woman on bus. Sickening.

VIDEO: #DontCrowdThePlow - Snow Plow Crash in Spanish Fork California

Even though this occurred in the States, the same rules apply here in Canada folks.

On Thursday January 12, 2017, Veteran plow driver Terry Jacobson was run off the road by a semi truck while plowing US Route 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon.

YORK REGIONAL POLICE: Not surprisingly, cops receive #MeanTweets too...

No one is immune to mean tweets - not even the York Regional Police...

VIDEO: West bound 401 crash Newcastle January 7 2017 - The FULL VERSION

Yesterday we posted about that SCARY footage of the 401 crash captured on camera on our Facebook page - but that was only 28 seconds worth. Here's the full version allowing you to really appreciate the scariness of the situation as everything appeared  'peacefully' at first, for the first minute-and-a-half until...