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The Vampire Bride: Lisa’s Scary Halloween Costume

Lisa is very artistic, especially when it comes to applying make-up and dressing up for the right occasion. I always love her work and this year, around Halloween time, she impressed us all again with her latest themed costume – The Vampire Bride.

For me, the scarier the better so when I found out she was going to be a Vampire Bride at a local Long Term Care home, I just had to be there to capture a few shots. Some people were actually afraid to look at her. It’s those eyes I tell ya!

It took her over 3 hours to make this awesome creation!

She has loads of costumes and accessories up in her attic, she told me, and is always planning her next scary ensemble for the following year – and we can’t wait!

Check out more of Lisa and her Vampire Bride costume below...

Mother, daughter... and doll.

Lisa and friend...

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