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SHAREABLE Tip #5 – BE A GIVER (Advance Your Career)

You hear it all the time 'It's better to give than receive' and it certainly helps for a truthful soul and a rewarding life but in terms of advancing your career, it doesn't hurt either!

BE A GIVER – Advance Your Career
RESEARCH SHOWS that it pays to give in the long term. In his book Give and Take, Adam Grant points out that most people are either takers, matchers or givers.

Takers, as the name implies, look to get as much as possible for themselves. Matchers want everything to be even. But givers are those who help others without expecting anything in return.

It turns out that givers usually end up being the most successful – that is, if they don’t end up burned out from being exploited. Why? According to Grant, givers:

– build deep and broad relationships;

– have greater motivation because helping people gives meaning and purpose to their lives; and

– develop a greater variety of skills and knowledge because by helping others, they often do new tasks and learn from them!

-‘Guide’, The CLAC Magazine | September 2014 Edition, P. 54

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