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Prudhommes Antique & Flea Market - PART 2 - The BARN Opening

Back in late March, I posted my visit to Prudhommes Antique & Flea Market – but that was before they opened up another area – the barn. Manager, Leroy, recently contacted me to let me know it was now open, so I went over to check it out and just as before, I was there for over a couple of hours just in that barn because there were so many awesome things to see – and talk about!

The vendors, as usual, greeted me with their friendly smiles and couldn’t wait to show me all the stuff they had, and boy, did they have stuff! There are three levels in the barn and no space was spared.

Between all three buildings, (the two houses and now the barn) there are a total of 50 vendors that gather each week from Thursday – Sunday to sell their items. They even open on holiday Mondays so if you’re bored and have nothing to do, head on over there.

One can learn so much at these flea markets, especially from the older generation of vendors that have been collecting all their lives and listening to them tell their stories about how they came upon their items is just as intriguing as the items themselves. You almost get the feeling they were there to ‘show off’ their collections instead of selling them. ☺

As usual, I took tons of pictures. So many pictures that I had to break all 3 levels up into separate galleries, so take your time and go through each one.

First Level:

We entered the first level from the south-side of the building and the rusticness of the woodwork, which is seen throughout the entire barn – all the way up to the attic, gives it a warm, inviting feeling.

(All images can be enlarged)

Gallery |First Level (47 Images)

There was an old trunk, a typical travelling ‘case’ of that period, around the 1900s-1950s called an antique steamer trunk, that I found most interesting. Everything went by boat during that time, so you needed a strong big case to put everything in. Well on this particular trunk, you could still see remnants of baggage receipts/stickers indicating it was returning to Quebec from London – all which was still part of the UK during that period. I believe the vendor said it was a soldier who had served time in London and was returning home.

2nd Level

Next, it was time to head on up to the 2nd level.

From the 2nd level looking down at the first level.

Gallery | 2nd Level (23 Photos)

On this level, I was greeted with some beautiful Canadian handmade furniture that was all refinished, accompanied by lovely works of art, along with some modern day articles for sale such as clothing and brand name purses and bags.

3rd – The Attic

There was only one vendor open at the time in the attic and he was selling oil and aquarelles – aka watercolour, paintings. Actually, vendor ‘L1’ had to reopen his doors because I got up there so late, but when he opened them, it was like, ‘wow!’ I’ve never seen so many beautiful paintings all in one place before. Well, not for at least the past 8 years. The last time I remembered seeing this many beautiful and large paintings, was at The National Gallery in London!

Gallery | The Attic (Paintings - 13 Photos)

You truly need like half a day to see and go through everything. Or, if you're like me, an entire day since I always end up asking so many questions.

As usual, it was a great visit and I learnt so much that day. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed! If you need further information you can contact Leroy @ 905-933-4444 or call Prudhommes @ 905-562-5187!

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