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SHAREABLE Tip #13 - 3 FOOD WASTES You Can Put to Good Use!

I came across an article in the Canadian Health & Lifestyle magazine and I was upset to find out how much food we waste in Canada each year – more than $31 billion worth. I personally hear all the time of Tim Hortons throwing out unsold donuts but how true that is, I really don’t know. I’m almost afraid to find out. (Incidentally, I’ve added a video at the end of this post called, “The biggest waste of donuts in the world (Dunkin Donuts)” that you might find interesting… and disturbing.)

In regards to the article, I’ve learnt such waste is unnecessary because a lot of what we throw out can be reused, as Casey Berglund, a registered dietician in Calgary, stated in the magazine. Below are 3 food trash examples she gave that can be turned into kitchen staples. I was elated to read about the third food waste since I personally do this all the time with this dairy product. I usually grate it into my soups!

3 FOOD WASTES to Put to Good Use!
Waste not, want not!
Toss in a food processor to make bread crumbs and then store in a sealed container.
Peels can be dried for homemade tea, while pulp from juicing adds flavour and fibre to baked goods.
Freeze hard rinds and use them to add creaminess to soups and stews.
- Canadian Health & Lifestyle Magazine p. 20, SUMMER 2015 Edition


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