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Sayonara, for now, to our Feathered Friends being Shipped off to Amherstburg...

So we read they have shipped the first of 500 geese out of Port Dalhousie to an area called Amherstburg near Windsor, Ontario, you know, to curb the influx of aggressive birds at parks and the abundant feces that goes along with them. Anyone who's ever visited Jaycee Park can totally relate to this.
"Canada Wildlife Services issued a permit for St. Catharines to relocate 500 geese this year to a farm in Amherstburg during moulting season, when geese lose their feathers." - stcatharinesstandard
As noisy as they are and as dirty as they can be, we'll miss them... we think.
In this case, the birds are being relocated hundreds of kilometres away near Windsor in an effort to change their migratory patterns. City horticultural technician Mike Anderson said even if the geese do return, it will be after they regrow their wings in August and September. “By that time, they’re quite welcome to come back,” he said, explaining most activities that result in interactions between humans and geese are already over by then. “We’re really relocating them for July and August, which are the very busy times down in those parks in the watershed.” St. Catharines council voted in July 2015 to apply for a permit to send the geese packing, after years of trying to combat a growing geese population. Complaints about sticky, slippery messes along paths and parks in Port Dalhousie and on Welland Canals Parkway trails were numerous.
Here's to our feathered friends. May your summer be as pleasant as ours now will be...

(Pictures were taken at Jaycee Park, Port Dalhousie)

First there was one...

Then there were many...

So long! We'll miss ya... Not!

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