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Have you heard about this yet? Have you seen the video? Over 26M viewers on Facebook have! You go you construction worker guy you...

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday morning in Toronto and Tony Restivo is exhausted as he unloads construction equipment from the elevator at work. He hasn’t had a proper night’s sleep in almost a week. Not since his wife, Sandy Restivo, sneakily uploaded a video to Facebook on Jan. 9, of him dancing to pop star Ariana Grande’s hit song “Into You” at a construction site. Restivo’s co-worker had secretly recorded him about 20 seconds before he noticed. Then, he really put on a show. 
The 43-year-old construction worker can be seen shaking his hips, thrusting his pelvis and throwing in a couple of his signature high kicks to the delight of his fellow workers. Much to the surprise of Restivo and his wife, the Facebook post was an instant hit.
Within days, the video had attracted millions of views and was featured in reports in Canadian and U.S. media, including Buzzfeed and USA Today. Ariana Grande even shared a clip of Restivo’s moves with her 94 million Instagram followers on Saturday, with the caption: “hell yeah dude #thatkick #mood.” - ctvnews

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