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Anything Together - A Downtown Story | An Award Short Film Shot in Downtown ST. CATHARINES

This film which was shot in downtown St. Catharines, won an award. The film was developed and produced in partnership with downtown agency Form & Affect...

The City of St. Catharines Economic Development and Tourism Department is pleased to present a new short film that celebrates the revitalization of the city’s downtown core. Anything Together: A Downtown Story features over two dozen downtown venues as the story’s backdrop. The film was developed and produced in partnership with downtown agency Form & Affect.

Anything Together follows Jack, who has returned to downtown St. Catharines after seeking opportunity elsewhere, and his friend Kate, who has made a life for herself in the city’s core. When Kate discovers something is missing, she enlists Jack to retrace her steps in hopes of finding it. As Jack and Kate make their way through vibrant downtown venues, it becomes clear that they are both rediscovering the magic and opportunity that this newly revitalized downtown offers.

“Our downtown neighbourhood has enjoyed an incredible resurgence these past few years. We wanted to showcase that in a way that felt natural, and made it easy for people to envision their own story unfolding here,” said Brent Porter, Partner and Creative Director at Form & Affect.

“The storyline of this film is that of our downtown’s transformation. It’s the story of new life and new opportunity,” said Brian York, Director of Economic Development and Government Relations with the City of St. Catharines. “You can see it in all the great businesses that are featured and the youthful interest that it’s generating.”

Visit investinstc.ca to learn more about the exciting opportunities in downtown St. Catharines.


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