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NEW Walmart PEN CENTRE, 221 Glendale Avenue, ST. CATHARINES (3 Photos)

So I checked out the new Walmart store which finally opened in St. Catharines at the Pen Centre. We've only been waiting for like what? 4 years? It has been so long that I've forgotten all about it until I read about its opening recently. As far as I can remember, it was a Zellers store, then a Target store and now the Walmart Supercentre store which I'm sure will have better success than its predecessors.

The sky was bright blue... the store facade was bright blue... there were not many cars in the parking lot - yet. It was a perfect day to check it out.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures inside, so I just took a few, outside.

I was loving the bright blue, yellow and orange colours on the outside.

The dedicated online pickup section was something new at this Walmart. After ordering your online groceries (at Walmart.ca), you can now pull up into any one of 8 (at least I think there were 8), brightly-painted-orange parking spots and have your purchase loaded in no time!

There's even a walk-in clinic opening soon too.

Having said all that, I was surprised to find there were not many 'deals' to be had or even new or more choices than the other Walmart stores. I remember heading straight to the Crafts section and was disappointed to find the one on Welland Ave., had more selections. Of course, being a supercentre, this one has a produce/grocery section which the other one doesn't.

Oh well, even though I live closer to the one on Welland Ave., and will still be heading there when needed, I'm sure many will be happy for this new Walmart that has finally opened at the Pen Centre.

Happy shopping!

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