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Today I read an article, “It’s a Long Shot”, in our local newspaper, The Standard, which was quite interesting and entertaining about lottery tickets for the younger demographic, which was worthy of some sharing.

Apparently, lottery ticket sales to the younger generation, (ages 18-34), aka the “millennials”, aren’t as good as they’d hope it to be. It’s so low in fact, that the provincial lottery corporations are hiring a consultant to come up with new games and strategies, the paper states.

I’m surprise they are even encouraging this! However, if they must do so, instead of hiring a consultant to come up with new gimmicks or tactics, why not just consult the targeted group itself by getting them to fill out a survey of some kind… or better yet – just ask them!

They’re more educated and they’ve had 20 to 30 years of watching their parents play lotteries and not win,.” – June Cotte

But why bother? Two experts in the article nailed it with their reasonings as to why they think the lottery corporations may be doomed in their quest to attract the younger generation. First of all, they’re smarter and “BETTER AT MATH and can appreciate the astronomical odds of winning a lottery jackpot.” (Amen to that! Unlike the majority of us older generation!)

Photo taken from “The Standard” newspaper – Thursday, March 27, 2014 edition.

They find it “BORRR-ING… they don’t even consider going to a store to buy a paper lottery or scratch ticket.” (Have you ever seen an 18-yr-old going to the corner store, or any store for that matter to buy a lottery ticket???)

Then there’s the online poker games, “… something that requires skill and can be played on a smartphone.” (Nailed it right there! Although we tend to give this younger generation limited credit, they do need something that requires some kind of thought-process and is easily accessible!) 

All I can say to the OLG is… Good Luck!

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