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The Winning $1 Coin Design by St. Catharines Native To Honour Canada's 150th Anniversary | Plus Discover the Rest

Yay! Our very own Wesley Klassen from St. Catharines created the winning $1 coin design for The Royal Canadian Mint's "My Canada, My Inspiration" contest. The contest which launched in March 2015, invited Canadians across the country to create new designs for a 2017 circulation coin series honouring Canada's 150th anniversary - a once-in-a-generation event for all Canadians.

Now 50-year-old Klassen's winning design will not only be in the pockets of Canadians everywhere next year, but it will also be part of a collection of collectible coins, exclusively for 2017. What an honour!

CONNECTING A NATION $1 COIN by Wesley Klassen | St. Catharines, Ontario | Source

Designers had five themes of inspiration to choose from: our passions, our character, our future, our wonders and our achievements - and Klassen's design beat out all others and won the popular vote online in the "Our Achievements" category.
"It's an amazing honour to have my artwork displayed the 2017 one-dollar coin and this will make my memories of Canada 150 that much more special for me and my family," said Klassen in a statement. 
"I chose images that are in one way or another connected to the railroad, for which all Canadians can be forever grateful, and I'm touched that my design appealed to so many of them." 
"These coins will stand the test of time as memorable keepsakes of a milestone in Canadian history," said Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Discover the Rest of the Collection:

Our country is unlike anywhere else on Earth. The new 2017 $2 coin, Dance of the Spirits, celebrates the wonders of Canada with a design featuring the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Dance of the Spirits depicts paddlers gliding across a placid lake under the shimmering curtain of the Northern Lights — which the Cree peoples called “the dance of the spirits”.
by Timothy Hsia | Richmond, British Columbia

The new 2017 25-cent coin, Hope for a Green Future, shares a child's hope that Canada's plants, animals and abundant nature will be protected and thrive for years to come.
by Joelle Wong | Richmond Hill, Ontario

Canada's reputation as a peacekeeping nation is tied to our awareness as a country that we live within a global community. Our peace-seeking spirit is captured beautifully in Canada's new 10-cent coin for 2017, Wings of Peace. One continuous flow of lines sketches out a dynamic, iconic maple leaf that is clutched in the beak and also part of the dove itself. Like the olive branch, the Canadian maple leaf has become a worldwide symbol of hope, peace and good faith.

by Amy Choi | Calgary, Alberta

The beaver has long been the traditional emblem on Canada's five-cent coins. But its power as a symbol of the land we share goes back thousands of years, deeply connected to the heritage of First Nations people.

For 2017, that long symbolic history is vividly evoked on the new five-cent coin, Living Traditions. Its unique design features a beaver in the traditional style of the northeastern woodland tribes of the Algonkian people. It's a celebration of 150 years of cultures meeting, sharing and evolving together.

by Gerald Gloade | Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia

Source(s): mint | stcatharinesstandardcbc.ca

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