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Niagara Falls Comic Con Mannequin Challenge (Facebook Video)

Video snapshot

Seems we got our own #mannequinchallenge going on here in Niagara - Comic Con-style...

From Niagara this Week:

NIAGARA FALLS — The Mannequin Challenge seems like something that’s tailor-made for Niagara Falls. 
With its numerous wax museums populated with movie stars and the famous — or sometimes infamous, real people frozen in poses seems, well, natural.
And it seems a lot of people agree. 
The organizers of Niagara Falls Comic Con answered the call for the challenge currently sweeping the Internet all while promoting the annual event that draws thousands to the city each June. 
The call was put out for cosplayers to gather at Table Rock for the challenge, and the resulting video has taken off. A video of the challenge posted to Niagara Falls Comic Con’s Facebook page Saturday night has already generated 120,000 views and shows no signs of slowing down. 

(Wait for the Facebook video to load...)

Mannequin Cosplay Challenge at Niagara Falls – Must See!
Mannequin Cosplay Challenge at Niagara Falls – Must See!
Posted by Niagara Falls Comic Con on Saturday, November 26, 2016

“The idea was to come up with a video in response to all of the other mannequin challenges on the Internet, but we wanted to do something a little bit different,” said Chris Dabrowski, who came up with the idea and produced the video. “Including more than 15 cosplayers from Princess Leia to Deadpool, from Thor to Eleven (Stranger Things), we think we accomplished that goal.  And what better backdrop for a video than Niagara Falls,” he added.

Info Source(s): niagarathisweek

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