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"Filth City" - The Movie Doug Ford Calls "Hurtful"

Doug Ford is calling the movie, Filth City, loosely based on the life of his late brother Rob Ford, "hurtful" and referred to the people behind it as "scumbags", according to the Hamilton Spectator.
The trailer which was shot in Hamilton was released in early March.

When a mayor running for re-election is caught on video smoking crack, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it out of the wrong hands. Inspired by true events.
This is fiction, inspired by real persons and events. Fictionalized characters, events and dialogue are used for dramatic purposes. No inference about any real persons should be drawn from the events and characters depicted herein.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
Speaking to Newstalk 1010's Rush with Ryan Doyle and Jay Michaels program Tuesday, Ford called the film Filth City "a joke." 
"It's not even accurate, even the trailer, people getting shot. You've got to be kidding," Ford told Newstalk 1010. "It's outside of Rob had that issue, went and got help, I was proud of him. After that, a loss of life, so it's hurtful. 
"But there's always scumbags out there that are going to do this and try to profit off anything they can."

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