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VIDEO(s): Toronto's Raccoon baggage handler (+ more)

An undercover agent perhaps? Maybe not - but they seem to be everywhere in Toronto - on the subway, in a baby stroller and let's not even talk about the one captured doing the tightrope walk across some power lines back in 2013!

This latest one made headlines when he was spotted peeking out from the ceiling, checking out the passengers below in the baggage claim section at Toronto Pearson International Airport,...

Toronto Pearson International Airport has a new baggage handler. Taken at Terminal 3 on May 5, 2017.

'Commuting' raccoon causes subway delay
This furry scavenger obviously had somewhere important to be as it was seen boarding a subway train in Toronto after making its way down the platform during rush hour 

Raccoon mom and babies living in a baby stroller :-) Toronto, 2011
On someone's porch on Oakcrest Ave, in Toronto.
Filmed: May 12/11 on Oakcrest Avenue, in Toronto, Canada.

3 raccoons team up for daytime garbage bin raid. Toronto. July, 2015
I came back later and captured the last one of them of them climbing back out of the bin, as you will see later in this video.

Toronto Daredevil Raccoon Walks Along Phone Lines
A daredevil raccoon in Toronto's Danforth area stuns a woman by tightrope walking across power lines on his rear two legs.
The crafty critter was caught on camera shimmying between telephone and electricity cables in nature's very own version of "Man on Wire."
Braving gusts of wind, he balances with his front paws on the upper cable — speeding up as he crosses, 15 feet off the ground, from one back yard to another.

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