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Capturing the 'Sea Keeper' Mural on the CSL St-Laurent Bulk Carrier | Welland Canal, ST. CATHARINES

Talk about perfect timing! On a gorgeous sunny day, before entering one of my favourite spots - the Welland Canal, I noticed a cargo ship moving amongst the trees in the distance. 

 As I got closer, I realized it was not just any cargo ship but the Trillium Class* bulk carrier CSL St-Laurent - the one with that 'famous' mural of a colourful Canadian icon, the goose, painted on it. 

The Canada goose with its powerful wings spread in flight, in a forward motion is a tribute to Montreal and to Canada.

I've read about the mural earlier in the year and knew it was special, and the last time I visited the canal was over a year ago. What were the chances?! I was thrilled! Good thing I had my camera with me! 
At the end, I've included my not-so-professional video of my capture as well as 2 additional videos (professionally done) by CSL, of the artists behind the mural and viewing the finish creation from sea...

The CSL Group is the largest owner and operator of self-unloading ships in the world. Headquartered in Montreal with divisions operating throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia, CSL delivers more than 76 million tonnes of cargo annually for customers in the construction, steel, energy and agri-food sectors.

This CSL-commissioned mural of the giant bird in flight, was created to commemorate not only Canada’s 150th birthday, but the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal, and the roles of the St. Lawrence Seaway, marine transport, and CSL itself in building the nation and the City.

Partial display of the 'Sea Keeper' mural on the CSL St-Laurent bulk carrier

Instantly recognizable, the Canada Goose was a natural choice since it's a familiar sight along the banks of the St. Lawrence Seaway and represents the vessel sailing in harmony with nature.

The giant mural garnered a few firsts - a first for the artists, a first for CSL and a first for a Canadian commercial vessel!

The Sea Keeper original work of art was conceived by Montreal urban artist Bryan Beyung and executed by Beyung himself, FONKi, Ankh One, and Benny Wilding of the A'Shop art collective.

The monumental mural required the ingenuity of CSL's Technical Team to make it a success - a feat in itself.

When it was all said an done, it took A’Shop two weeks and 250 cans of spray paint to create the mural.

To truly capture the goose's outline, one should view it from afar. The diverse and colourful back, wings and tail, each painted by one of the four artists in his signature style and with his unique vision is more clearly visible.

Bursting with colour, The Sea Keeper melds and weaves the diverse techniques of each artist into a unique and beautiful piece of art that combines cultures and styles to evoke Montreal’s and Canada’s diversity. The mural’s overall impact is both inspiring and hopeful to the seafarers who will sail with it everyday and to the thousands of people on the shores of the Great Lakes and St-Lawrence River who will watch it as CSL St-Laurent and her Sea Keeper sail by.

My Video Capture...

CSL Videos...

Between mid-February and early March of 2017, four urban Montreal artists worked together to create the mural on the forward facade of the accommodations block of the bulk carrier CSL St-Laurent that depicts a Canada goose with its powerful wings spread in flight, its forward motion a tribute to Montreal and to Canada.

A short video showing off a spectacular 196,2 m2 (2,111.9 ft2) original work-of-art created on the forward façade of the accommodations block of the Trillium Class bulk carrier CSL St-Laurent.

The Trillium Class is the name of CSL’s latest-generation fleet consisting of four new self-unloading Lakers and two new bulk carriers operating on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, and five new Panamax self-unloaders operating on the coasts of the Americas.

Source(s): newswire | cslships


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