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Monday, 29 January 2018

VIDEO: Nothing to see here, just a RAT HAVING A SHOWER!!!!!

UPDATE: Apparently this rat is not a rat but a Pacarana, a rare and slow-moving rodent indigenous to South America. However, in the wild, (without the soap of course), they do look like they're bathing as can be seen in the second video below.


Nothing to see here, just a RAT HAVING A SHOWER... like a human!
The rat was captured lathering it up in a bathroom sink in Peru standing up on its hind legs and washing his armpits, neck, lips, butt...


  1. This is an amazing video of a rat taking bath in human style but there is a truth behind it check it out, here at https://nexter.org/shocking-truth-cute-viral-videos-shower-rat.

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