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SHAREABLE Tip #8 – Prevent ITCHY SCALP When Dyeing Your Hair with 'Sweet 'N Low'

Apparently, this neat little trick has been used by many hair stylists for decades and I have only heard about it now. Most claims it works well.

It’s all about lowering the pH acidity level and neutralizing the ammonia in these hair dyes which contain high pH values – usually around 11.
Sweet ‘N Low however, contains saccharin, dextrose and cream of tartar – all which have a very low pH:
  • Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate): about pH 3.5
  • Saccharin: about pH 2
  • Dextrose: about pH 3.5 – 5
Now I’ve read some have added anywhere from 2-4, even 5 packets per hair dye mixture depending on the brand. You’ll just have to experiment yourself I guess! 😉
Did You Know – Saccharin was once banned in Canada for decades? It was ‘quietly’ re-introduced in 2014.
Source(s):  lisaliseblog | agcanada

Prevent ITCHY SCALP when Dyeing Your Hair with
Sweet ‘N Low

Dyes can cause an itchy scalp.
To avoid aggravation add
a packet (or two) of Sweet ‘N Low to the
colour mixture before applying!

Saccharine balances dye’s acidity,
quelling itchiness! S-weet!

– Self Magazine, P. 4s | August 2011 Edition | Photo: Frank Kovalchek

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1 comment:

  1. I used 6 pack of sweet n low to mixture before applying...still have itchy scalp


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