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We all eat these snacks all the time but little do we know how super healthy they are! Not only is popcorn sugar free, fat free, low in calories and fairly cheap, it’s also aids in keeping cancer away. I’ve read numerous times the old-fashion way – on the stove top, is the best way instead of those microwavable popcorn which can end up being more harmful than good!

Cheese is great in more ways than one but as for minimizing dental issues, well that’s just plain darn good to know. Try sticking to the healthier cheeses though like, ricotta, feta cheese and even cottage cheese and lay off the cheddar, cream cheese and that tasty but fattening Gouda cheese!

As for the apples, it seems like I’m going to have to increase my intake on those because I need all the help in ‘that’ department! 😉


This popular snack keeps away cancer with its rich source of antioxidants called polyphenols, which destroys free radical molecules that damage healthy cells!

Casein, a milk-protein found in this calcium-rich food, reduces the risk of cavities by acting as a buffer against acids in the mouth that can break down enamel!

A rich supply of flavanoids in this fruit slashes your risk of lung disease and colon and liver cancers, raise ‘good’ LDL levels and increase brain neurotransmitters, resulting in improved memory!

- Amelia Farquhar | Woman's World Magazine | Jun 06 2011 Edition

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