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American Sign Language - GIPHY-style

How cool is this? Sure you can learn sign language via videos but this ingenious way will allow you to learn it even faster, living in a giphy world and all...

GIF site Giphy has launched a new "channel" containing more than 2,000 educational sign language clips with hand movements and text captions - courtesy of Sign With Robert, an instructional series for American Sign Language.

The hope is that people will pick up a word or two by sharing them at convenient moments online.

"The GIF format has the ability to loop infinitely, so it's perfect for learning new signs," Hilari Scarl, director and producer for Sign With Robert said. "It doesn't require the back and forth of hitting play, rewind or repeat."

You already know what we think about that:

So head on over to the gallery and try to memorize a few words and use them when you can - online or off!

Source(s):  engadget

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