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This cyclist probably had a death wish 'cause this is just craziness. We had to slow it down a bit the second time around when we watched it again. Can you imagine the things this tow trucker driver must see? 
I've added 2 more videos from Wayne Edward's YouTube channel capturing more mayhem on Ontario's roads...

From The Hamilton Spectator:

It’s a little after noon on Monday and Wayne Edward is driving westbound on Hwy. 401, approaching Hwy. 427. 
Suddenly, a cyclist heading against traffic swings off the right shoulder and cuts diagonally across four lanes of highway, performing a U-turn before hopping off his bike by the opposite guard rail. 
Edward captured the whole unsettling scene on video with the dashboard camera in his flatbed tow truck. 
“I saw the black car (beside me) was braking... so I did a quick mirror check to see if I could change lanes to give the black car room to move over,” said Edward.
“When I looked back that’s when I saw the guy darting across the highway.”

Cyclist on the 401 westbound at 427!

Heading westbound on 401 just after noon (yes, the time is off by one hour), approaching the 427, I see a cyclist approaching me on the right shoulder... I do a check to change lanes to the left to move away, and when I look back he's CROSSING THE HIGHWAY!!!

I'm in a 5 Ton Flatbed Tow Truck travelling at highway speed, traffic is fast approaching from my left, so I throw on my overhead emergency lights and move further left... otherwise this guy would have been run over!

Wow, talk about your heart skipping a beat!

Jaywalking.. err... Jaymotorizedcartting...

Somehow this Senior Citizen thought it would be a super awesome idea to cross four lanes of Bathurst Street just north of Steeles Avenue... As he crosses into my path I activated my beacon lights to warn northbound traffic, then laid on the air horn to warn that Minivan coming up the curb lane

Too Fast For The Conditions!

Heading to Niagara Falls today, this motorist thought it would be a great idea to go speeding through the slush, tap the brakes, then WHAM!

Source: thespec

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